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Development in Practice - Activities for Babies with Down Syndrome

Development in Practice - Activities for Babies with Down Syndrome

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This video film (available on DVD) explores what our understanding of the development of infants with Down syndrome tells us about how early development can be promoted for babies with Down syndrome from birth to 18 months.

The film emphasises the importance of everyday family activities for children's learning and development. It focuses on practical activities to promote development that can be woven into everyday routines and activities

Section 1 focuses on early development. It describes the important elements of development and demonstrates significant behaviours and activities for very young babies. It seeks to provide a general foundation for later skills to build on and it discusses the principles that can be applied to different areas of development.

Section 2 gives practical advice and activities for supporting the development of skills that may be more difficult for babies with Down syndrome to develop independently.

Activities are clearly illustrated by parents and therapists working with young babies with Down syndrome.

This film is available on DVD-R discs in PAL or NTSC formats.


Publication date September, 2006
ISBN 978-1-903806-78-4

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