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See and Learn First Word Pictures Kit (First Edition)

See and Learn First Word Pictures Kit (First Edition)

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See and Learn First Word Pictures provides activities and step-by-step guidance to help parents and educators teach young children to understand and say 60 common first words. It is the first step in See and Learn Language and Reading – a structured teaching program designed to teach children with Down syndrome to talk and to read.

See and Learn First Word Pictures includes 48 picture cards, matching baseboards, a detailed guide and record sheets. The pictures provide visual support for teaching spoken language. New words are introduced steadily and taught through a sequence of simple looking, matching, selecting and naming activities.

The vocabulary taught in See and Learn First Word Pictures is selected from the words most commonly learned first by most children. The activities are intended to supplement natural, everyday opportunities to learn language with the additional support most children with Down syndrome need to learn to communicate.

In addition to teaching early vocabulary, See and Learn First Word Pictures teaches children to look carefully and identify the differences between pictures in matching and selecting games that can be used later to teach a variety of new vocabulary, sight words and phrases. It also encourages young children to pay attention and engage in teaching activities for short periods of time.


  • apple, baby, bag, ball, banana, bath, bear, bed, bird, blocks, book, brush, brushing, car, cat, chair, coat, cookie, cow, crying, cup, daddy, dog, doll, drink, drinking, duck, eating, eyes, fish, flower, hair, hat, keys, mouth, mommy, nose, phone, pig, sheep, shoes, sitting, sleeping, socks, spoon, table, walking, washing (pictured); finished, gone, in, look, me, more, point, put, show, wait, what, where (introduced in teaching activities)


  • Developmentally appropriate language for children learning their first spoken words
  • Activities designed to reduce language and working memory demands
  • Clear pictures provide visual representation of words
  • Comprehensive guide providing step-by-step guidance and instructions
  • Record forms included for printing and tracking your child's progress
  • Ideal for use at home and in the classroom

When to start

See and Learn First Word Pictures is designed for children who are ready to learn their first words. They should be showing an understanding of objects and what they do, and may be attempting to communicate by babbling or using simple gestures.

Many children with Down syndrome will be ready to start these activities from about 18 months of age.

See and Learn First Word Pictures can also be used with older children who are not yet saying all of these words - even if they understand some of them.

App edition

See and Learn First Word Pictures is also available as an app for iPads. The new app edition is called See and Learn First Vocabulary 1.

Further information

You can find out more about the See and Learn Language and Reading program on the See and Learn web site.

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