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See and Learn First Counting Kit

See and Learn First Counting Kit

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See and Learn First Counting provides teaching activities and comprehensive guidance to help parents and educators teach children the number words, numerals and counting from 1 to 10. It follows recommended, evidence-based practice in number teaching, progressing in sequence through the key developmental steps involved in learning the foundational number skills.

Designed by internationally recognized researchers and experts in the development and education of children with Down syndrome, See and Learn First Counting is designed to meet the children’s specific learning needs. See and Learn First Counting is also likely to be helpful for other children who benefit from teaching in small steps with visual supports.


  • Evidence-based activities following key developmental steps in early number learning
  • Focus on visual representation of concepts, reduced language and working memory demands to help children with specific learning needs
  • Comprehensive guide included providing explicit, step-by-step guidance and instructions
  • Record forms included for tracking your child’s progress

See and Learn First Counting includes eight activities, designed to teach children to say the number words, to recognize the numerals, to link quantities to numbers, to count, and to understand the concepts of cardinality and equivalence for the numbers 1 to 10. See and Learn First Counting is also designed to teach the key math language needed at this stage of number learning.


  • Learning Number Words
  • Matching Numerals
  • Selecting Numerals
  • Naming Numerals
  • Linking Quantity to Numerals
  • Learning to Count
  • Give a Number
  • Learning Equivalence

Kit contents

  • Guide book, introducing number teaching for children with Down syndrome and step-by-step instructions for each teaching activity
  • Record forms
  • 60 plastic counters
  • 10 laminated quantity + numeral cards
  • 20 (2 x 1-10) laminated numeral cards
  • 4 animal cards (2 x Bear and 2 x Monkey)
  • 40 animal food counter cards (20 x Cookie + 20 x Banana)

See and Learn Numbers

See and Learn First Counting is the first step in the See and Learn Numbers teaching program. See and Learn Numbers is designed to teach young children to count, to link numbers to quantity, to understand important concepts about the number system and to calculate with numbers up to 10. It also teaches early mathematical concepts important for understanding space, time and measurement - including color, size, shape, ordering, sorting and patterns.

Please visit the See and Learn web site or contact us for further information and guidance.

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