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Vocabulary Checklist 1 - First 120 Words - PDF Edition

Vocabulary Checklist 1 - First 120 Words - PDF Edition


This checklist helps parents and professionals to record a child's early language development and to choose words to teach. It lists 120 words that are among those generally learned first by young children. The checklist is designed to record a child's progress in both understanding and expressive use of this early vocabulary, to guide language development and speech production activities.

The Vocabulary Checklist 1 lists words that are typically among the first learned by young children. It is designed to support parents and professionals to record a child's understanding and expressive use of early vocabulary, and to help plan early teaching activities. The checklist is useful tool to track progress and coordinate support for early language and speech development.

The words have been chosen based on research studies of the language development of English speaking children. No two children will learn exactly the same set of words but this list provides a guide to a core vocabulary that is common.

The Vocabulary Checklist 1 is one of a series of DSE checklists covering language and speech development. These include:

  • Vocabulary 1 - First 120 words
  • Vocabulary 2 - Second 340 words
  • Vocabulary 3 - Third 350 words
  • Interactive Communication and Play
  • Speech Sounds
  • Sentences and Grammar

The DSE checklists are available in printed and download editions, either individually or as a complete set of six.

For therapists and other professionals, we offer discounted sets of 10 printed editions and a Professional License for download editions that permits printing for multiple clients.

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