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Living with Down Syndrome - Printed Edition

Living with Down Syndrome - Printed Edition

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This book offers a balanced and person-focused introduction to Down syndrome.

The book explains the effects of Down syndrome on development, stressing that while individuals with Down syndrome do have special needs, they are people first, with the same rights and human needs as everyone else in their communities. It includes contributions from adults with Down syndrome, discussing their own lives.

This book has proven popular as an introduction to Down syndrome for parents and family members. It can also provide a good overview for students, pupils in secondary school, teachers, midwives, health visitors, doctors and others who need access to accurate and current information. It includes the key facts about Down syndrome and its effects on health and development, dispels some popular myths and identifies key issues for health, education and community services.

Down Syndrome Issues and Information is a series of practical and informative books covering the full range of developmental, health and social issues relating to individuals with Down syndrome. The books have been written by some of the world's leading experts and are based on years of research and hands-on experience.


Author(s) Sue Buckley
Publication date December, 2000
Language English (UK)
Pages 32
ISBN 978-1-903806-01-2

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