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DSE offers evidence-based publications and services to help families, professionals and organizations around the world to improve educational outcomes for children with Down syndrome.

Our resources include books, films, checklists and teaching materials. We ship to customers throughout the US, Canada and around the world. For customers in, or nearer to, Europe, our partners at Down Syndrome Education Enterprises operate a UK-based store.

New See and Learn Speech kits

See and Learn Speech is designed to teach young children to hear and produce speech sounds (phonemes), to hear the differences between sounds (discrimination), to develop their speech sound system (phonology), and to produce clear speech. New printed kits are now available.

A Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI)

DSE's Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI) is an evidence-based program designed to teach reading and language skills to children with Down syndrome.

RLI incorporates best practice in structured activities delivered in fast-paced daily teaching sessions. It was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial and found to improve rates of progress compared to ordinary teaching. RLI provides individualized reading and language instruction designed to meet the particular learning needs of students with Down syndrome. It is based on interventions that have been shown to be beneficial for other children experiencing language and reading difficulties, and incorporates the principles of best practice for all children.

The handbook includes two DVDs illustrating teaching techniques and a CD of printable resources.

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